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helen auburn Dip ION mBANT NTCC CNHC RNT functional medicine, registered nutritional therapist Nutritional Therapy for Swindon, Newbury, Gloucester & Oxford

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas Alva Edison (c)1903

How can nutritional therapy optimise your health?

In the 1950's, government testing of RDA [recommended daily allowance] levels of specific nutrients, found that two peaches would have supplied a woman's Vitamin A RDA. Nowadays, she would need to consume almost fifty three peaches to achieve this! This is one reason why supplementation has become so popular.

Food supplemental additions should not be seen as a fad, but a vital part of one's daily intake.

People suffering from asthma, hayfever and food allergies have nearly doubled in the past 20 years. This is due to many factors, including modern eating habits and environmental pollution. Although we can't control our environment, we can take control of what we eat and drink.

As a qualified and experienced, functional medicine, registered nutritional therapist, I can help determine, whether you have any nutritional deficiencies. I can advise you on the foods that may be causing you health problems and recommend the best foods, food supplemental additions and lifestyle changes, to enable your body to achieve a state of homeostasis - natural balance. Nutritional therapy will optimise your health, if you are willing to make changes to your eating and drinking habits.

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All these clients, have kindly given their permission to print their testimonial & include their name, either in full, or part, depending on their preference, for my website.

Testimonials including Weight Issues, Food Allergies & Food intolerance, Lupus, Acne, Insomnia, Digestive Issues

“After taking advice from Helen, and following a diet that she recommended would heal my gut and digestive issues, I can say that 6 months on I am now in control of my digestion. Helen is incredibly knowledgeable and helped me find a solution specifically tailored to me. Thank you so much!”
Stefan, Faringdon

“I had been suffering with bloating and constipation for the last 14 years. I had been to the doctors for help and they had not been helpful. I had researched things to help myself, but only helped for a short while. So I decided to google nutritionists and Helen's name came up. I made an appointment to see her and she was amazing.

“To cut a long story short, she put me on the right path for the foods that are right for me and with the help of the right supplements. After doing it for a few days, I noticed the benefits and I now feel fantastic and can eat without bloating, which has now disappeared. I cannot recommend her enough. All in all it has been a huge success.”
Mandy, Swindon

Lack of Food Variety, Weight Issue, Cycling Focus
“Having tried multiple diets and completely lost my way, resulting in me eating virtually the same things everyday, I approached Helen to try and get my diet back on track. The first thing I was impressed with, was the level of detail we had to go to, breaking down my life history/medical conditions and food habits etc. This thorough background check, enabled Helen to provide me with a very comprehensive and almost overwhelming amount of information, to get my diet adjusted, to suit me better. In my case, this involved quite a lot of effort, reading labels on the foods at the supermarkets, but have to say, the effort was very worthwhile.

“I now don't describe my food intake as a diet, just the healthy way I now eat. Not only that, but I am really enjoying cooking more, have lost weight and my cycling performance has improved as well. A win win all round! At all times, Helen has been excellent, being available to answer all my many questions and a recent refresher has kept me on track. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough.”
Martin, Swindon

Weight Issue, Food Cravings
“I went to see Helen to help me find a healthy way to lose weight, whilst maintaining a very active lifestyle. It is something I have struggled with for years, trying to find the right foods to keep me feeling energetic throughout the day, balanced with losing weight.

“Helen not only gave me great advice, and new ideas, which has already helped me lose weight and the many cravings I used to get, but also the confidence to believe I can achieve my goals. The on going support is also useful, just knowing there is someone to contact, if I need help too, is a huge relief and helps keep me focused.”
Louise, Swindon

Food intolerance, Weight Issue, Fatigue, Insomnia
“Decided to see Helen after many years of suffering with weight issues, fatigue, insomnia, loss of motivation and a number of food intolerances/sensitivities. On top of all that, I was always ill. I'd catch every cold, every flu, every stomach bug, every viral illness, Chicken Pox, Mumps... These are all viruses I have had since a child, am now in my 30's.

“I felt I was never able to eat anything apart from fruit and yoghurt every day, and somehow, I was still slightly overweight. I was eating so little that I've even been accused by my friends of having an eating disorder. No one, including myself, understood why I was never hungry, ate so little, but managed to be slightly overweight.

Within a week of seeing Helen, I was exploring different foods as she made me aware that there are so many more foods I am able to consume without feeling ill. I am also sleeping through the night, and no longer have fatigue. I am still learning new things and this is not a diet where you are starving yourself, it is a healthy, manageable diet that you can continue for a lifetime and the end result is a much better you.

“I feel much more on the ball. I'm ploughing through my studies that I'd put on hold because of fatigue. I'm more awake and active and I no longer have forgetfulness. All said, I am happy I made the decision to see Helen. Things have certainly changed for me and I am heaps happier.

“Finally, I'd just like to let everyone know that Helen is a lovely person. If anyone is like myself, a bit shy and quiet and worried about meeting new people or discussing your issues, then don't be as Helen makes you feel really relaxed. She has a very chatty and bubbly nature and above all, she has your best interest at heart. She is quick to respond to any questions and is a continued support point for you, even months down the line.”
Charlie, Swindon

Food Allergies, Weight Issue, Lack of Energy
“Going well. Food reactions have gone. I am 18lbs lighter, so that is a plus too. I have more energy, am back at the gym 5x a week, and am awake earlier in the mornings.”
Steve, Swindon

Weight Issue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS]
Helen gave me the kick start I needed to focus on a diet that would alleviate my symptoms of IBS. The protocol is not easy, but it made me realise how my body reacts to certain foods and you definitely lose weight. Helen gave continuous support with informative and encouraging Emails during and after the protocol. So in conclusion, your consultation was invaluable in focusing me in changing my diet for the better.”
Jo, Swindon

Weight Issue, Distended & Painful Bloating, Acne, Lack of Energy
“Even though I calorie counted and my diet hadn't changed very much, I was gaining weight and couldn't work out why. I also had bloating and bad skin. I hadn't realised how much effect my diet could have on these problems. Thanks to Helen's advice, I've reduced all these problems and got more energy!
Cheryl, Swindon

Food Allergies, Food Intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndome [IBS]
“My first week has gone well and I've lost 3lbs. I've had no stomach cramps and getting used to the different food. Plus I've got more energy and not so tired.”

Updated Testimonial:“I had fell out of love with food and was constantly tired with no energy due to having IBS and eating all the wrong food. But within a week of starting my new food plan from Helen I had more energy and wasn't so tired. I have lost over 20lbs in six months and can now eat food that I couldn't before due to them causing me pain. My hair has grown, my skin is clearer and my nails are a lot stronger.”
Jackie, Swindon

Uncontrollable Bowel, Mild Depression, Lack of Energy, Weight Issue & Sport
“When I first went to see Helen, I was fat, had energy levels that were so low I couldn't imagine not starting the day with a Red Bull or two and I looked forward to the afternoon when I could have a little sleep. I was also on medication for mild depression and my head never felt clear. I was eating what I thought was a healthy diet and trying to train for a marathon, but every time I went for a run, nature would take its course and I was forced to stop running due to having to find the nearest bush. So, after seeing Helen I started on the protocol.

“The first two days were hell! I had headaches, felt much worse than I had done, and wondered what I had let myself in for. However after reading up on it, I found out that this was my body killing off the bad stuff and that it would end. Sure enough after 3-4 days, things improved and I felt the difference. I have been eating properly for me now for just over a month, and it's the best I have ever felt. Gone is the need for the Red Bull and afternoon naps. I have sustained energy levels, have lost just under a stone and I feel great. Also running has become enjoyable again, minus the toilet stops and I have stopped the antidepressants I highly recommend Helen and can't thank her enough for the help and support offered throughout.”
Tim, Swindon

Life Balance - Weight Issue [tummy area]
“I would like to say 'thank you' for your advice to readdress my health and life balance. I found the discussions with you enlightening and I have to say that I was very sceptical. The first 2 weeks were very difficult and found myself wanting to add sugar or milk. However, after these 2 weeks, I found the going a lot easier and by the end of week 4 I had acheived:

  • a significant weight reduction of 1.5 stones
  • increase in my water balance.

“It's hard to say the benefits of the vitamin supplements, as they were used at a time when my body was adjusting to the change in eating. Since adding dairy and mixing carbs. with meat [albeit at differing ratios] my weight and well being has levelled off and I have continued to not add sugar and have flavoured tea [green tea] out of choice, rather than as part of the plan. Thanks again Helen. I hope that you continue to utilise your experience in helping others.”
Steve, Marlborough

Weight Issue
“I would like to share with you my achievement. I want to say "thank you very much" to Helen. I lost 11kg in 3 months, I'm very glad that she helped! She put together for me a special meal plan tailored to my needs. Of course you need determination and self discipline, because without, it's hard to lose weight. I have kept to the plan, sometimes it's difficult for me, but I stick to it. I also go to the gym 2-3 times a week. If you're still considering whether you should take advice from a nutritional therapist? I say that it is worth it, so check it out!”
Emilia, Swindon

Distended & Painful Bloating
“I was suffering with terrible tummy pains and bloating before I went to see Helen. I always thought I knew everything there was to know about diet and food, as I have watched my weight for over 30 years to stay at a healthy weight, little did I know what I thought was healthy was causing me the problem. Helen took lots of details of my lifestyle and diet, within a week of making small changes my pains were on the way out and tummy on the way down.

“It is now two months since my appointment and I have kept the changes, but not the problem. Thank you Helen.”
Linda, Swindon

Lupus, Weight Issue
“I felt I could do better, so I looked at improving my diet. I thought I ate reasonably healthily, not realising that some of the foods were not agreeing with me. Helen addressed my personal medical history and my diet and my general health that day. I went to see Helen a week later to go through her findings. I was then sent away to detox, but not in the normal way; it was with food. It does take a bit of getting used to and you do go through withdrawal symptoms first, but I can honestly say this is worth it. Your energy level goes up and your skin looks the best it has ever looked and you feel great. People have actually mentioned the weight loss and the huge improvement in my skin. And most of all, the medical symptoms have subsided.

“I was sceptical at first and I felt worse, before getting better - but now the results are in. Lifestyle does tell you that you cannot always control your meals; at a wedding or dining out the food may be out of your control. But if you stick with it for the rest of the time, it certainly works!
Jennifer, Swindon

Testimonials including ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lack of Energy, Acid Reflux, Amenorrhoea

“I had been suffering with debilitating chronic fatigue (Latent M E) for 12 months when I contacted Helen. I was unable to work and barely left the house due to anxiety and fatigue. I had multiple food intolerances and difficulty digesting a range of foods. I had tried a local herbalist and nutritionist, and had received acupuncture treatments all for several months, but had made little progress in digestion and fatigue.

“Helen proposed a different approach to food and supplements and I was willing to try anything that might help me. I was really grateful for Helen’s support, which far exceeded anything that previous practitioners had offered. I was also impressed that she was willing to listen to and work with me, I have learnt a lot about my own body through this whole process which will support me in the rest of my life.

“I have tackled my health issues from multiple angles, in addition to nutrition, and I haven’t relied on Helen to know all the answers, but she certainly knows a lot when it comes to supplements and consulting her throughout has been a great support and guide. I am delighted that after 4 months of working together all my digestion issues have been resolved: histamine intolerance, intolerance to egg, difficulty digesting fibre, fogginess and fatigue have all vanished. Thank you Helen! I now have my life back.”
Kathryn, Swindon

“I suffered from low energy to the point where I felt exhausted walking from one room to another. I had to give up work and the doctors turned me away, telling me I was depressed. They said it could take up to 2 years for me to recover. Helen said that I would feel better in 3 weeks with her guidance and I did - to the day!

“I feel great now and have gone back to work full time. My energy levels are high and it really opened my eyes to how much hidden sugars there are in foods, even the foods you wouldn't expect. My skin improved too which was a bonus. It was hard work at first, but I was determined to go back to work.
I couldn't have done it without you Helen! Thank you very much for all your help.”
Anna, Swindon

Amenorrhoea, Weight, Hypoglycaemia, Lack of Energy
“It's going really well, thank you. I have lost 3.5kg and dropped 4% body fat so far since I've sorted my eating out and been training with my personal trainer. I would say that I'm eating clean about 95% of the time and I am really enjoying it. I feel so much better in myself and I feel like I am in a really good place in my life now. I actually had my first proper period about a week ago so things there are all good too.

“I don't generally experience cravings for sugar anymore either and if I do ever try anything sweet it is always a disappointment, which is obviously a good thing. So all in all, a very happy client - thank you for getting me on the road to clean eating. I know now that I won't falter.”
Angela, Swindon

Acid Reflux, Weight Issue & Low Energy Level
“I am feeling good. My acid reflux has resided. I have lost at least a stone in weight. I have taken up swimming every morning Monday - Friday. I am aiming to stick to the food plan forever really, as I feel so much happier with my energy level than before. I am thankful for coming to you.”
Nicholas, Swindon

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS]
“After four years of crippling ill health and after trying every traditional health route possible! I instantly knew I struck gold when I found Helen. Her way to regaining your health is the truth. My symptoms were: Chronic fatigue [CFS], blurry vision [not due to poor eyesight], pain in joints, low libido, poor memory, unable to think, my mind would race, heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat at night, brain fog and rapid weight loss.

After months of being on Helen's diet and supplement based treatment program I have regained a large percentage of my health back and 80% of the symptoms have now gone. All thanks to Helen and her support throughout this difficult time in my life.”

Update: “I had a lab test which revealed a higher than normal manganese level, so Helen advised me on how to reduce it to its normal level. I may have been exposed to it from my last job. I'm feeling so much better now.”
Christopher, Gloucester

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