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helen auburn Dip ION mBANT NTCC CNHC RNT functional medicine, registered nutritional therapist Nutritional Therapy for Swindon, Newbury, Gloucester & Oxford

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas Alva Edison (c)1903

How can nutritional therapy optimise your health?

In the 1950's, government testing of RDA [recommended daily allowance] levels of specific nutrients, found that two peaches would have supplied a woman's Vitamin A RDA. Nowadays, she would need to consume almost fifty three peaches to achieve this! This is one reason why supplementation has become so popular.

Food supplemental additions should not be seen as a fad, but a vital part of one's daily intake.

People suffering from asthma, hayfever and food allergies have nearly doubled in the past 20 years. This is due to many factors, including modern eating habits and environmental pollution. Although we can't control our environment, we can take control of what we eat and drink.

As a qualified and experienced, functional medicine, registered nutritional therapist, I can help determine, whether you have any nutritional deficiencies. I can advise you on the foods that may be causing you health problems and recommend the best foods, food supplemental additions and lifestyle changes, to enable your body to achieve a state of homeostasis - natural balance. Nutritional therapy will optimise your health, if you are willing to make changes to your eating and drinking habits.

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All these clients, have kindly given their permission to print their testimonial & include their name, either in full, or in part (depending on their preference) for my website.

Testimonials including Eczema

Severe Eczema & Tiredness
“I had been suffering with eczema, since I was quite young. However, 2 years ago, it became extremely severe and almost unbearable. I had eczema covering my face, hands and arms, and it was constantly sore. I began reading about the benefits of a clean diet, and decided I needed professional help, so I decided to search for local nutritionists in the area. I came across Helen. I began treatment in September, and changes in diet and light therapy treatment have really helped me to regain control of my skin again. I'm not as tired, or grumpy, as I used to be.”
Hana, Swindon

Severe Eczema
“I first contacted Helen four months ago, as my son suffered from severe eczema, covering his arms and legs. From a baby sleeping through the night, he now would wake every night, scratching and causing his skin to bleed. He became tired and had other symptoms. I had tried other alternative holistic methods, prior and noticed a change, but never did the eczema go.

“Helen and I went through a detailed questionnaire. Helen then worked out a food plan, which would limit an allergic reaction and improve and support my son's health. Four months in, and my husband and I could not be happier. The results are terrific. Our son is now eczema free. Helen has been there throughout and has supported us through the whole process. We really cannot thank her enough.”
Lisa, Swindon

Testimonials including Cystitis, Thrush, Sinusitis

Cystitis, Thrush, Sinusitis
“I feel my immune system has considerably improved and I have had no new bouts of thrush or sinusitis since May and now train a bit more regularly for my triathlon (when life stresses allow me). Thanks again for checking on me and for all your sound advice.”
Aurelie, Wiltshire

Testimonials including High Cholesterol, Hormonal, Migraine, Fertility, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) & Diabetes

“Helen really knows what she is talking about. The help, advice and support, I received from Helen, was absolutely life changing, because it completely transformed my health and my whole life. I was eating healthily, as far as I was aware, so I didn't understand why I felt so bad, all the time. I was getting stomach pains and eating a diet that was recommended, if you have PCOS, which was one of my problems. I have never been overweight, and got lots of exercise. I had been to see doctors, who were no help, whatsoever. I was also finding it hard to conceive, at this point, but I was doing everything the books were telling me to do. I couldn't understand it, and being a nurse, I felt I knew something wasn't right. I knew the doctors that had told me I was fine, were wrong.

I went to see Helen, as a last hope. I followed the new diet and supplement protocol. After following the diet and supplement protocol, for several months, I started to notice unbelievable, and incredible improvements, to my overall health. The difference was amazing, and unbelievably, at the end of completing the protocol for six months, I also managed to fall pregnant, which to be honest, I had kind of thought, would never really happen, again!

I would say it's been a complete life changing journey, and an absolute revelation, to be able to understand what my problems were, and to be able to take control over my problems, that the doctors never tell you about! Helen gave me all the support I needed through the six months, and she always answered my questions, of which there were many! And even though they felt like silly questions, Helen never made me feel like they were.

The whole experience has completely changed my life for the better, to the point, where I am inspired to do a nutritional course, in the future. I thoroughly recommend anyone, to see Helen. Follow the protocol, and it will seriously change, not only your health, and well being, but your whole life! It has been worth every penny. In fact, you can't put a price on it! It's invaluable advice, and be prepared to change some of your ideas of what we are told about our health, and nutrition. The most incredible advice, I have ever had! Thank you so much, Helen.”
Charlotte Hitchen RGN, Chippenham

Update: October 2018: “I gave birth to a healthy, happy, full term baby girl. I have to say it was a very easy and smooth labour and birth. Probably the easiest and nicest birth I've ever had. I think that's testament to the nutritional advice given by Helen. It was also a very healthy pregnancy. I felt energised, even at the very end when previously, with my other children, I have felt very tired and worn down, towards the end.

Helen was always there, if I needed any advice, or I had any questions. It was a huge support for me. Thanks so much Helen for all your amazing advice and support, throughout. I definitely will be continuing to follow Helen's nutritional advice.”

“Working with Helen to look at how I could change my eating in order to feel better has been life-changing. I was having a lot of issues related to hormonal changes and they have all without exception improved now that I have changed my diet. She is incredibly supportive and her advice is extremely well-informed and up to date.”
Dr. Sharon Harvey, Chippenham

“When I asked Helen for nutritional help, for very high cholesterol of 8.8, I had been told by my GP, that I should be prescribed statins, which I was reluctant to take, having researched the harm they can cause. I knew that taking a better approach to my diet and health would be the best option. Helen’s professional advice, excellent knowledge and great support, made following her protocol, easier than I thought it would be.

I would highly recommend Helen, as my cholesterol level has fallen in just 3 months (following an independent pharmacy check) having strictly followed the protocol, she specifically designed for me. The protocol developed by Helen, has also helped with increased energy levels, reduced sugar cravings and surprisingly to me, I no longer suffer from migraines! On the whole, a completely different approach to the food I eat.”
Simon, Swindon

Testimonials including Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression, Persistent Urine Infections, Asthma, Protrusio Arthritis, PMS, Rosacea, Headaches
“All is going very well. I feel like a new person, so much energy and my general health is fantastic, no niggling aches and pains, no headaches etc.etc. I really am amazed by how good I feel. I'm still continuing with the diet having just introduced some apple and banana to my morning porridge. I have the odd treat but they are very rare!!

Thank you so much, your help and advise have been invaluable to me. I feel like I have come out of a black hole and life is now wonderful and to be enjoyed!! I've also discovered a love of cooking, improving both my husband and daughter's diets.”
Emily, Headley, Berkshire

Testimonials including Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyrodism, Rosacea, Poor memory

Osteoporosis, Hypothyroidism , Chest pain, Bowel disorder
“My wife has suffered most of our married life with digestive symptoms, resulting in other symptoms around the body with never a diagnosis. She finally had a shock diagnosis late last year of severe osteoporosis. We elected to decline the standard treatment of Bisphosphonates, as they can be horrendous and instead opted to find a therapist that could offer an alternative.

Fortunately, we found Helen, quite by chance some 9 months ago and embraced her diet and supplement regime totally. We have seen many therapists over the years, but never one as dedicated and sincere as Helen. After some months with ups and downs along the way, my wife would tell you she feels better now in her 70's than 40 years ago, with barely a symptom and good energy levels. Only time will tell if we are holding back the osteoporosis, but right now, life is good.

For my part, I joined in [it's easier if both eat similar] as we both ate much the same at the outset. I didn't do this to lose weight, but at 5'10ins I was 12.5 stone, now I am 11 stone [as I was at 18 years] and feeling great. I also appear to have greatly reduced a worrying chest symptom that I have had since the 1960's. We have never found a therapist of any kind that offers the commitment and value for money to clients that Helen does.”
R & J, Swindon [retired]

Grave's Disease [Hyperthyroidism]
“I suffered with Grave's disease for three years & felt reasonably ok, whilst on the medication, except for extreme hot sweats. My tremor was gone & my weight increased, a good thing as I had lost too much weight, caused by the disease. I was told that I couldn't continue taking meds. & would either have to have radiation treatment, or have my thyroid removed, neither of which I wanted, due to possible lifetime side effects.I decided to stop taking my meds. & see what happened, I didn't feel good. This is when I decided to visit Helen & see if she could help me, I was desperate!

After consulting with Helen, I thought this protocol makes sense, but also a little sceptical, because surely my hospital consultant would have mentioned this as an alternative if it worked? I found it fairly straightforward. I stick to most of her advice & it appears to be working. I feel good now & the really good news is that I don't get the sweats anymore. My last blood test taken at my GP's stated I was stable. I can't thank you enough for helping me Helen. I wish you all the best.”
Robert, Swindon

Arthritis, Thrush, Poor Circulation, Poor Memory, Lack of Energy, Rosacea
“Helen has been great. The consultation was thorough and enabled me to talk through all my symptoms in a relaxed atmosphere. The suggested food plan was easy to follow and the recipes are tasty. The food plan made such a positive difference to my health and I have even lost half a stone.

I am continuing with Helen's recommendations to diet and supplements to ensure maximum health. I would recommend Helen to anyone who is having health problems.”
Joanne, Swindon

Testimonials including Headaches

Headaches, Hypoglycaemia, Constant Colds, Chest Pain, Weight Issue
“The diet has gone really well. I managed to be really strict and after the first week of headaches and constipation, I started to feel a lot better. After two weeks, I was starting to feel the benefits and got into the routine of the diet. The weight started to come off and I have dropped from just over 14 stone to 12 stone 1lb and feel a lot better for it.

Since starting, I have had no return of the sore throats and constant colds and I feel that my immune system is getting back to what it should be. The constant cough has dried up significantly, but is noticeable after eating egg, so will avoid it. At 60 days I still had symptoms of excess sweating and itchy scalp, which have now got better, so I have decided to stick with it.

My fitness has returned and I am now back up to a good standard of fitness, currently cycling about 7 hours a week and with none of the tight chest feelings that I had before. Overall, I am much better than when I initially came to see you, so thank you for the diet plan and advice.”
Aidrian, Portsmouth

Testimonials including Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis [MS]
“Helen treated me approximately 16 years ago for MS. She put me on a strict diet and supplement protocol, which stopped the MS progressing and improved my health. I am still very fit and active now.”
Mary, PhD, Zurich, Switzerland

Severe Colitis
“I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis, almost two years ago, and after trying and failing on so many meds., I decided to contact a nutritional therapist. Luckily I came across Helen.

I’ve been seeing Helen for four weeks now and she has dramatically changed my eating. I thought I was a healthy eater, but had been doing it wrong ‘for me’ all my life.

In the four weeks, I’ve lost over a stone in weight. I have loads of energy, no bloated feeling, no foggy head and I generally feel great, positive and motivated. Exercise is now fun, rather than a chore to keep the weight off.

It’s too early to tell, if I will completely heal my gut, but I’m giving it a good go.

I’d recommend Helen to anyone with health issues, or simply to improve your well being and outlook.”
James, Swindon

Testimonials including Intraocular Pressure

Intraocular Pressure [IOP]
“Helen's diet has improved my eyes. After 40 years of referrals, due to raised pressures, resulting in meds. that only served to produce unpleasant side effects, followed by laser treatment, which failed, then cataract surgery, which was brought forward in a last attempt to reduce the pressure, resulting in a just acceptable 22 in each eye, latest test revealed pressures of 17 in each eye! I felt there was a change and that has been confirmed by test!!! Great result! Thanks for your help, Helen.”
Jean, Swindon

Testimonials including Body Building & Cycling

“I contacted Helen Auburn to improve my diet, general health, and advance my performance at elite level sport, in cycling. The service, continual support, and advice gained from Helen, is simply invaluable. Helen listed all the foods and supplements required to drastically improve my diet, performance, and overall well being. For me, this simply removes the tedious guess work, wondering if I'm eating and supplementing correctly, as an individual.

Helen has always been there to help me, no matter how many questions I've needed to ask. I would certainly recommend her to anyone seeking a highly professional and friendly nutritional therapist.”
James Wilson, Newbury

Body Building, Reduced Muscle Definition, Lack of Energy, Bloating
“I have been on the diet for the last 4 weeks and feel great! I have lost 11lbs to date. I think I'm definitely one of those body types, that just doesn't get on with eating starchy carbs. on a daily basis.

As a body builder I was keen to know what I could and couldn't eat and Helen has been a great help in identifying foods that have been causing tiredness and bloating. Thanks Helen.”
Stuart, Swindon

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