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helen auburn Dip ION mBANT NTCC CNHC RNT functional medicine, registered nutritional therapist Nutritional Therapy for Swindon, Newbury, Gloucester & Oxford

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What is the functional medicine, nutritional therapy protocol?

The functional medicine, nutritional therapy protocol, is the use of whole foods, as medicine, rather than just fuel for the body.

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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a science-based, holistic, patient-centred approach to assessment, prevention and treatment of complex health problems and chronic disease. It aims to identify biochemical and physiological imbalances, which cause health problems in the individual and address these principally through nutrition and lifestyle management. Therefore, by treating the cause of the problem, which will then eliminate the symptoms.

The importance of dietary and environmental factors, and their impact on health and disease, the balancing, healing, and therapeutic effects of food and nutrients, are based on the principles of Functional Medicine:

  • Evidence-based
  • Safety
  • Effectivness - supports the natural healing process
  • Focus on wellness & prevention

Many medical practitioners today, are aware of how important specific nutritional advice is, & are referring their patients to qualified Functional Medicine, Registered Nutritional Therapists.

Nationwide medical insurance is through Cigna, who offer nutritional therapy consultations, without the need for a medical referral, so you could make a claim.
Find out more about my Nutrition Packages:


Adult (18+) Nutrition Package
Includes 2 consultations & 1 month full support
Contact me to find out more

Adult Complex

Adult Complex Nutrition Package
Includes 3 consultations & 2 months full support
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Adult (18+] Sports Nutrition Package
Includes 2 consultations & 1 month full support
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Couples (2 Adults) Nutrition Package
Includes 3 consultations & 2 months full support
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Individual 2 Step Protocol for All Packages

first consultation
We complete the ION Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire together. We will then discuss your health concerns, focusing on the underlying causes. I may request laboratory tests to be done by your GP, or hospital.

second consultation
After discussing the best course of action, I will create for you a specific and individual food plan, food supplemental additions and lifestyle protocol, including general fitness advice and relaxation techniques, that will help your body to achieve balance [homeostasis] of energy output, recovery, rest and relaxation that is best suited to your individual needs. Full support, commences. This means weekly progress updates & asking any questions you may have, dietary adjustments & checking you’re on track, via text, WhatsApp, E-mail, or phone.

third consultation
Two month review, for the over 50’s where we go through the ION questionnaire again, to check progress & make any necessary, dietary adjustments.

Age 17 & under, half the price of the adult package. Child must be accompanied by an adult. We complete the specially designed ION Nutrition Questionnaire either for Adolescents, or Children, together. A second consultation to discuss the best course of action (similar to adult). One month full support (similar to adult) commences, where we make any dietary adjustments.

"In August 2020 my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. As we were reminiscing on the past ten years and on what we achieved during that time, we then looked to the future and decided to invest in the next 10. We were both in our early forties carrying extra weight that we could not shift and starting to feel old and achy. We knew that we were not disciplined enough to research a diet and stick to it.

We looked at different options involving professionals and decided to reach out to Helen, as we liked her approach of looking at both nutrition and supplements. We did not regret our choice. Helen is very knowledgeable in her field and very thorough in her method and protocol.

It was eye opening for us, we knew sugar and fat were obviously bad for us, but we had not realised that physical symptoms in my case, specifically were linked to a wheat and gluten intolerance.

Within 2 weeks of starting the food protocol, my physical symptoms were gone and I already felt so much better. It took a little longer for my husband, as he had not been experiencing the same symptoms as me.

Don't get me wrong, it takes willpower to cut out certain foods in one's diet, but it actually forced us to revisit our menus and we actually started to create amazing new recipes and we now much prefer our meals! And again we did not feel starved, as the combination of the right amount of protein (meat, fish, eggs) plus the grains and vegetables are very filling. I sometimes struggled to finish my plate at the beginning of the process. But it meant I did not feel the need to snack on sugary things, which is what I used to do.

If you commit 100% the results will speak for themselves. At the end of the three months, I had lost 10kgs (which is what I needed to lose) and my husband had lost 20kgs. Your body knows how much you need to lose and you will continue to lose weight, until you reach your ideal weight!

Food combined with the correct dosage of supplements and physical exercise will guarantee you results. Once you start eating the right food and the supplements start having an effect, you will feel more energised to actually exercise.

Helen's protocols are for life, so even after the initial three months, you can continue. We are in week 2 of life after Helen and we are still very happy with our new eating habits.

Thank you Helen for putting us on a new healthy path for the future. Your continuous support during the 3 months has been fantastic. You were always there for us answering our never ending questions, especially at the beginning."

Anne & James, Swindon

“Helen is a genuinely concerned and knowledgeable practitioner. You get great value for money. she told me that I would have all the protocols I needed, within the space of two sessions, and I got exactly that. My worst health complaints cleared up with the foods & supplements she recommended. So if possible, follow the protocol faithfully, to get best results. I honestly believe she's done a lot more to help me, than the NHS gastroenterology department ever did!”

David Truran, Marlborough

Coaching & Payment methods

The care and safety of all individuals seeking my care remains paramount. We will be in regular contact either by phone, email, WhatsApp, text or Skype, depending on your preference, after the second consultation. We will discuss any queries you may have. I will coach you to become in control of your health. Quite often, once you are feeling better, that in itself is enough to keep you motivated.

I will recommend specific supplements to aid recovery and achieve optimum health.

Consultation Payment

Payment can be paid either in full, prior to the first consultation, or in two instalments, prior to the first & second consultations, by bank transfer or Paym, if you would like online consultations. Please contact me for bank details. If you would prefer to attend, payment of cash & cheque will also be accepted.

These are excellent & cost effective, nutritional packages, offering continual support & advice, for the following months ahead, My clients have found this approach, far outweighs, short-term protocols. Being fully supported, means you’re more able to achieve, & more importantly, maintain your long-term goals.

I'm registered with CNHC, so please contact your Private Healthcare Provider, as they may reimburse your cost of treatment.

Sports Nutrition

I have worked with several sport-orientated clients. Children, as well as adults, have found my advice invaluable. Disciplines I've given specific advice for so far:

  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Judo
  • Judoka
  • Body Building
  • Triathlons
  • Duathlons
  • Swimming

  • Football
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Dancing

Even if your discipline isn't on the list, my advice may help you to achieve your Optimum Performance Level.

I ensure that my knowledge is up-to-date and meet Continuing Professional Development [CPD] requirements. As a full member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy [BANT], I am bound by the strict BANT code of ethics and practice. www.bant.org.uk.

To understand the differences between a dietitian and a nutritional therapist, please visit the BANT website.

“I consulted Helen regarding some problems I was having with my digestion. She gave me a very thorough consultation, and outlined various strategies to help deal with my problems. She gave excellent backup, beyond the initial consultation, and nearly 4 years later my digestion is still excellent!”

James, Swindon

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